You traded new memories with my scars” - Saint Rock feat. Jamie Lee Harrison

— Running To You

RUNNING TO YOU - Saint Rock feat. Jamie Lee Harrison


"Running To You » is the collaboration between London/Paris based electronic recording artists Saint Rock (Adam and Fabian) and british singer songwriter and « Britain’s Got Talent « semi finalist Jamie Lee Harrison from Newcastle, UK.

The song opens up with Jamie’s vocals, which will be later accompanied by backings and lead vocals from Adam. The lyrics speak about the promise of always coming back to the one you love and giving everything to her/him, keeping in mind how hard it has been to find that special person in the first place.

Production wise the song is an uptempo pop dance track, featuring classic UK house/dance synths, percussive Korg pianos and funky disco strings, but also highlights more recent slap house elements and EDM sounds.

Composition started in 2022 with Jamie over Zoom, after Jamie and Fabian have met over their former publishing company in Berlin. Vocals were mixed and a new arrangement has been added to the vocals after a rough demo. Adam then later added his vocals and background guitars before Fabian mixed and enhanced the production.

« Running To You » is the latest song in a series of commercial house tracks that Saint Rock has brought out recently, before the duo will go back to a more alt pop direction in the spring of 2023.


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